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1. Don't be a jerk. We expect everyone to treat each other well. This community will be largely unmoderated, so please exercise discretion and be kind to your fellow players. We want everyone to be happy here, after all!

2. Anyone who played in Tower of Animus is welcome. No matter how long you were in the game or when you were in the game, you are allowed to play here. You can even play canonmates from your character's world. However...

3. Only Tower characters can world-hop. This means characters who were brought to the Tower as part of the rescue mission during the run of the actual game. Canonmates from the characters' previously-destroyed worlds cannot world-hop.

4. Previous players only. Please do not post in this community if you never played in [community profile] towerofanimus.
01 June 2016 @ 03:30 pm
Characters: Romeo and anyone
Setting: 1st June
Summary: It is Romeo's birthday and thanks to the extra years in his head he is sixteen today.

You're not a baby anymore... )
04 June 2015 @ 05:27 pm
Characters: anyone who wants to hop in
Setting: June 4, nighttime, in the new Tower
Summary: Well, nothing's perfect.
Warnings: horror, maybe a bit of gore

It's been a whole year! Isn't it exciting? Aren't you happy? You should be happy. Be happy here, right here, in this place, forever. Can't you feel the happiness soaking into your bones and seeping into your soul? It's enough to make you forget you have anything to do anywhere else, enough to make you manic.

Oh. Wait. That's probably a bad thing.

Happiness is your responsibility )
04 June 2015 @ 09:14 pm
Characters: Romeo and everyone
Setting: 4th June
Summary: It's been a year since they defeated Ruana. Romeo has decided that they need a reunion.
Warnings: Generic warnings for people talking about animus things

A reunion )
*It's been a good long while. Nowhere near what he might count as actually long, but he's been doing well enough, considering all the nightmares and odd mannerisms (he'd even begun trying to get climbing vines on the walls of the garden, leaving no metal exposed). Lucifel visited, and stayed, frequently, and life was peaceful. He knew better than to linger and allow his nightmares to consume him, though, so he often went from world to world, exploring and seeking out old friends. Maybe he'd find his own world, the one he was cut off from when Meridian died. It was connected to Animus via Meridian, so surely it can be accessed through one of these doors.

What he sets foot in instead is, essentially, a wasteland. There is no sky; he's underground, but there are several breaks in the ground above them through which sunlight streams. There's something...wrong with the air near these spots, and one of them seems to have a handful of women, clad only in flowering vines - roses - gathered around it, perfuming the air.

The Alraune turn at his approach, and stare at him suspiciously. Not sure what to say or what world he's in to begin with, he raises his hands to show he means no harm.*
14 December 2014 @ 12:23 pm
Anyone who have been spending time in the tower would see Minato around a lot. Actually, he's practically living in the tower for the past month doing research.

Research for what?

For those who know him or of his fate, they might have an idea. Or if they approach, it's not that hard to get an answer from him. After all, maybe they have an answer to his question...

After all, if he try to research in his home world, he probably ran out of time in finding his answer.


[On the screen, there's a question being posted onto the network.]

This is Minato Arisato, leader of SEES.

[It feels almost pointless to mention it by this point. But it's a simple holdover from when the other Minato walked around.]

I'm requesting help in finding a way to stop an immortal being from descending into my world and, without going into too much details (I can elaborate if you want), basically cause everyone to die.

I learned that the only way of stopping this is for someone to sacrifice themselves and become the Great Seal to keep her away from humanity. However, I wish to find another way without sacrificing anyone.

[He would do it, when there is no other choice. But he's selfish, very, very selfish, and wanted to live the rest of his life as well.]

I would appreciate any information or hints that might lead to another path.
21 November 2014 @ 12:04 am
Enoch had been wondering about some of the people he hadn't caught up with yet. Now that the garden was more or less finished and only needed occasional attention from him, he was left with very little to do to distance himself from the impact of everything that had happened.

So it was a world-hopping excursion for him. He was looking for a certain little girl he'd befriended in Animus, but with the doors not always reliable, he was bound to end up in all sorts of worlds.

But it's Halloween. Open to Meridian players too! )
Five years.

Five years after the Tower; the portals were still open, the smaller tower still there, but there had been time to heal. Time for the worst of the nightmares to fade, time for things to return to something like normal.

Time enough to finish high school, finish college, and make it to today. The preparations had taken weeks; there were photographs to take, invitations to drop off across multiple worlds, and a thousand other little things to do.

That all led up to now - five years, and now it was the biggest day of Yukiko and Ryoji's lives. The day of their wedding, the first day of the rest of their lives.

Yukiko smiles into a hand mirror, making a few last adjustments to her white kimono.

Then it was time; the car pulled up to Tatsuhime Shrine, and she carefully stepped out, then walked up the stairs.


After the ceremony, everyone is invited back to the Amagi Inn for a celebration. The dining area has been cleaned and decorated with flowers and streamers, and a large stage has been prepared for the happy couple to sit on. on the floor next to it is a podium with a microphone, and anyone who wishes to offer their toasts to the newlyweds can do so.

Or they can just enjoy the food, and maybe take part in the dance afterwards if they aren’t too shy. Ryoji (in his own traditional kimono) and Yukiko won’t stay up on stage for long, and will go from table to table to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and offer thanks for everyone’s presence there. It has been a while since they have seen all of their old friends, and though it has been five years since being trapped there, they certainly haven’t forgotten all the people they cared about and the perils they faced together.

But if anyone asks, that’s certainly not why Ryoji is tearing up. Not at all.

((This is a mingle for everyone and anyone! Feel free to come pester the bride and groom while they prepare for their big day, and socialize during the ceremony and reception!))

you say there's fighting in the air )
17 October 2014 @ 12:59 am
at last, a proper memorial )

((ooc: Though Enoch is included in many of these prompts, I actually intended this as a mingle, especially the second prompt! Please specify if you intend your thread to be open to anyone. Feel free to tag around and threadjack! ICly the first prompt has been taking place for the last three months or so.))
[It was over and the defendant was declared Not Guilty.

And just so. No matter which worlds he traveled, Edgeworth's goal was to discover the truth. Admittedly he was a little uneasy about the use of alchemy as forensics but said methods provided accurate information and it turned out to be decisive evidence which made the real culprit break down.

Edgeworth walked out of the courthouse, satisfied. Now it was time to sort out some case files back at the little apartment he had bought in......well, this alternate London.

He heard a couple of girls giggling nearby and turned to face them. One of them blushed.]

Is something wrong, Miss?
cw: reference to death )
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13 September 2014 @ 10:59 pm
A door opens on what is quite obviously some kind of constructed place. A cramped, cold hallway poorly with flickering light sources set into a metallic ceiling. A table, somehow too large to seat humans is flanked by two benches, and the hallway itself is surrounded by lockers with no names or numbers on them. The only sound is the low hum of mechanical parts whirring and a buzz, like some kind of generator continuing to produce power. At the head of the table sits an armored figure, even more scarred than he was at the last battle with Ruana. He sits with a large metal bottle, and two cups. One is filled, and reeks of harsh alcoholic liquid. He drinks in silence, though the other is empty. A long piece of paper, torn and battered, sealed at one end with red wax, sits on the table. It says only "MURDER" on it, nothing else.

The grey eyes of the warrior seem locked on the paper, as if he will somehow glean more from the inscrutable thing by staring at it for long enough.
13 September 2014 @ 07:45 pm
Yet again, a door opened somewhere. Yet again, a person who once called the Tower of Animus home stepped through.

There was something different about this one, at least at first. She was dressed in white, but it was dirtied, torn in places, and stained in blood. In her hand was a very fine sword that looked as if it were meant to be more ornamental, but was dripping with fresh blood. Her expression was calm, too calm, her posture straight, perhaps too straight.

But her eyes were practically screaming.

The young woman took three steps into the tower, her boots clacking against the floor before her posture suddenly went stiff. She nearly dropped that fine sword.

Arturia stared at her hands in shock, then glanced at the door behind her. What was going on? Where was she? And why did she have her will back all of a sudden? She approached the door again, but only to close it. She didn't even look at the carnage on the other side. That done, she turned back to the hall she was in and stepped forward, scarcely daring to believe what had transpired.

Was she truly free once more?